The Karaoke Kings

The Story:

STEVE WINTERS, the prodigal son of the greatest lounge singer LAS VEGAS has ever known, has spent the the last eight years running from the shadow of his old man. He's spent the last eight years haunting LA's underground Karaoke scene, hiding out in places where the lights are low and the rules are plain - you don't sing the Boss and you NEVER SING THE KING.

A cryptic early morning phone call has Steve scurrying back home to Vegas only to find his legendary father lying in a hospital bed stripped of everything but his name. He then comes to learn that, that too has been lost, gambled away by JOHNNY, his two bit crooner of an older brother.

Armed with the unbalanced zeal of his best friend DAN FERAL, the lead guitarist of the eternally dysfunctional metal band Social Darwinism, —a Massachusetts kid with an unnatural love for fighting and an equally debilitating hatred of boy bands— Steve crashes The World Karaoke Championships with an eye toward using the prize money to buy back his father's legacy.

Along the way, a chance romantic encounter with CARRIE, an aspiring singer from Oklahoma turned puppeteer, goes horribly wrong and Steve finds himself the target of a psychotically jealous boyfriend who is not only one of the the most feared men in the Vegas mob, but also a midget.

Now as Steve begins to advance deeper into the tournament his father's condition rapidly worsens. More frightening still is the real possibility that, at long last, he will have to face his arch rival and three time defending Karaoke World Champion, the Japanese monster, HIROHITO JONES in open competition.

Everyone has a song to sing. Only a select few will ever make it their own. These are those few. This is their story. They are ...THE KARAOKE KINGS.