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When it comes to preparing for the future, it's never too early to start. Knowing where to start, however, is what's difficult. Our attorneys work closely with you to find that perfect starting point. And we carefully, compassionately guide you through the steps that will offer peace of mind and security regardless of your circumstances. Maybe you're looking to shore up your personal estate so your family's inheritance doesn't end up in probate. We can help with wills, trusts and durable powers of attorney. Or perhaps you want to ensure your child with special needs or family member with a disability is properly cared for. We can help create a special needs trust to protect them even after you're gone. Or maybe you're concerned about an elderly parent and their long term care, Medicaid benefits or planning for incapacity. The Law offices of Rhonda M. Benjamin is dedicated to helping senior citizens and their families understand the complexities of elder law and dispelling myths surrounding it. We can help by expertly explaining options and educating you about your rights.


A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

When planning for the future, each and every circumstance is different and highly personal. But doing it today is crucial. Let The Law offices of Rhonda M. Benjamin show you where to start. We understands the full implications of asset transfers and restructurings. We take a multi-disciplinary approach that takes into account all of the factors that affect your estate, your family and your future, including income and capital gains tax consequences, Medicaid repercussions, and estate tax and other estate planning considerations.

You've been faithfully working towards your retirement for years, strategically saving and making wise investments, but are you completely prepared? Our deeply devoted attorneys know the ins and outs of planning for your future and for those you love, regardless of your age or theirs. We can guide you through the details with exceptional care and attention to detail.
Our comprehensive estate plans include:

  • • Estate Planning
    • Asset Protection
    • Living Trusts
    • Medicaid Planning
    • Family Law & Divorce
    • Creating Will
    • Probate Administration
    • Living Wills & Powers of Attorney
    • Nursing Home Placement
    • Estate Tax & Gift Tax Planning
    • Testamentary Trusts
    • Elder Law
    • Reverse Mortgages

Responsive and AttentiveClient Service

We understand the importance you place on the successful resolution of your legal matter. As a full-service law firm, The Law offices of Rhonda M. Benjamin, provides expert counsel and extensive experience in a wide range of practice areas. You'll find our attorneys have specialized knowledge and personal interest in a number of core fields. You won't find this level of passion, integrity and commitment anywhere else.


We cannot over-emphasize the importance of early estate planning. Too often, ill-prepared people undergo tragedies, leaving their estates in shambles. The old adage that money can do ugly things to families is, sadly, often true. We aim to minimize the heartache and heartbreak that often accompanies estate disputes by helping guide you through the legal steps before you have to deal with a crisis.


The challenges of retirement and old age are significant. With the help of The Law offices of Rhonda M. Benjamin, you can achieve your goals, protect your assets, and provide for your loved ones.

Your family and your future are important to us.


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