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Posted on 5 June 2011

I love this video! (And I think you will too...)

There are a few reasons why I can come right out and say I love this video.

1. Visually it is really simple, quick drawings sped up to keep pace with the script but it is fascinating to watch . My eyes zig zag tracing that speedy hand whip up surprising illustrations. I find myself guessing what it will turn out to be each time. I love the style and cleverness.

2. I love what it says. It describes ideas, focusing on bigger ideas, as inspiration that develops and collides with other ideas and other people's ideas that sometimes takes years to develop fully. Expanding out on this thought, it reverberates working to find the right people in your process. When a group of people has the right energy it feeds invention, innovation and creativity.

So don't lock yourself in your room hoping for a gold nugget of inspirationt to hit you. Get out there and be inspired! Share your thoughts and ideas. Collaborate and allow yourself and others the freedom to push the big ideas down the pipestream. Got it! Lesson learned.