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Loves' me some package design....

Posted on 26 July 2012

Package designers rule!

The thing I love about package design is that when people are really good at it...they are really good at it. It's the designs that go beyond the pretty picture that I find most interesting. There are those packages that when you open them, it's almost like unwrapping a special gift. Undeniably, I feel this way whenever I purchase something from Apple. Steve Jobs has been long famed with bringing together function and design asthetic with superlative results.

Here are some other examples of beautiful, inventive packaging in the most unexpected ways.


Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi created a coffee cup you can completely eat, for Italian coffee brand Lavazza.

The cookie cup is made of a pastry lined with a sugar icing that insulates the cup so the coffee doesn't soak through. Then when you have finished your coffee, you eat the cup! One less paper cup in the world and cookie to boot! If that doesn't leave a sweet taste in your mouth, I don't know what will.

One Less Drop

Here's another great design by Hecklerdesign. It's a great addition to your nightstand for a few reasons:

1. I have jewelry stands that aren't as pretty as this.

2. If it cuts down on the nightly disaster of tracking of where the powercord is and knocking over miscellaneous items on my side table when I charge my phone or IPad—I'd be humbly grateful.

3. That packaging sure is nifty!

They've got other very cool items as well. Check it out: