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Michele Anderson is a creative director, parent, film fanatic and self-proclaimed coffee junkie.

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    One of those days when you feel lucky.

    Posted on 22 May 2011

    This weekend I had the pleasure of going to Knotz Hair Studio in New Rochelle, NY to participate in a fundraiser for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation called Blue Streak for Hope. I was so glad I did...

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    Who's your daddy?

    Posted on 23 May 2011

    It says a lot when a website makes you wish you were a man, even if only for a moment. Urban Daddy makes being a dude seem so down-right glamourous, I might stop praying that I get to own a pair of Jimmy Choo's someday.

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    What I learned in college

    Posted on 25 May 2011

    Attending college in New York City is so completely different than the typical college student's experience. Now take that statement and multiply it by two since I attended an college dedicated to the Arts....


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    Where good ideas come from....

    Posted on June 5 2011

    Maybe Isaac Newton wasn't sitting under that tree after all. Maybe there was something quite different going on...

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    Great package design.

    Posted on July 26 2012

    When you can actually eat your packe...well, impressed.

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    Life of Pi...the movie

    Posted on July 26 2012

    How do you spell....PSYCHED!!!!